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than 1,000 people including hundreds of children. all of it happening on the same day you heard megyn talking about it, as an asteroid zooms by planet earth. context and perspective from a a astronomer. >> carnival cruise lines faces the first lawsuit. some people ran into more trouble when a bus taking them to new orleans broke down. >> a dramatic reaction from the olympic blade runner, oscar pistorius, when prosecutors charge him with murdering his girlfriend. that's all ahead unless of course breaking news changes everything on "studio b." >> panic in russia today as a flaming meteor explodes with the force of an atomic bomb. glass shattering everywhere, walls coming down and 1,000
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people hurt, including at least 204 children. in what scientists call a crazy coincidence it happened on the same day they expected another larger asteroid to have a very close call, relatively, with earth. more on that in a moment. first the wild scene in russia. the white hot meteor lighting up the sky at speeds topping 35,000 miles an hour. the traffic camera gives a sense of the blinding light. it's a wonder the drivers were able to stay on the road. the scene creating such chaos some thought it was the end of the world. that was only the beginning. the light sent curious people running to the windows. witnesses described an eerie silence then boom. >> [screaming]
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>> meet meteorite exploding in the sign sending an atomic shock wave across town. look at how much power it packed. surveillance cameras catch the explosion blowing out a garage door, another camera caught an office window blowing out. that happened over and over in town. watch again and notice the guy looking out the window. probably checking out the bright flash. the concussion knocks him from his feet, blows him across the room. we spoke with one witness who felt the whole thing. >> it was very confusing because the building was shaking a little bit. initially i thought it was an earth but then i knew i heard this loud bang. so i thought some sort of explosion, either a gas leak or
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a bomb or a -- you know, once i saw this streak in the sky, i thought it was either a plane crash or missile, honestly. >> a missile, a bomb, a plane crash. no. a meteorite. then there's the damage from this thing itself, about the size of an suv. the explosion sending chunks of rock flying, punching a hole through an ice covered lake as you see. greg pat cot is live in london. so many people injured. >> it's amazing. according to one victim, for 20 to 30 minutes he felt the city was a war zone. the injury toll built as the day went on, almost 1,000. more than 100 people had to be hospitalized. most from chards of flying cut glass, still, no reports of any dead. remarkable because the affect city has a population of over
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1 million. a lot of damage to those buildings, 3,000 structures affected. the roof of one factory caved in and a whole lot of windows blown out. phone service out, gas service out as well. all this leading to, as another witness described it, harris, panic in the streets. >> how unusual are people saying this is? >> according to scientists, harris, this is rare. this is unusual. as we've been seeing, spectacular. most meteors burn up in the atmosphere. a few small ones have hit the united states in the last few years. every five years you get a big one but usually in an unpopulated area, not a city like this. one of the biggest meteor hits happened in russia in siberia in 1908. 800 square miles affected.
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not one cell phone, video camera in sight. >> that's a that's harder to believe than anything, nobody had a cell phone. we had plenty of vantage points. thank you very much. this happened on the very same day an asteroid buzzed by earth. what could be the closerrest to ever fly by our planet. it happened in the past hour, nasa said the meteorite in russia had nothing to do with the asteroid, about the size of half a football field. joining me, astronomer david dundee. the question is, as i have just answered, there was nothing to do with the two of them one is more common than the other. meteorites in the sky of russia coming down. how rare is that? >> well, meteorite impacts
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happen all the time. the earth picks up tons of debris every day but it's usually in the form of dust and smaller objects. one the size of what we saw in russia is a once in a decade thing. last time this happened was about ten years ago, over in the pakistan, india region of the world. but the two objects are totally unrelated and one of the other big things to consider is that you're separating the two events by 14 hours. remember, the earth is hurling around the sun at 19 miles per second so we're in a different neighborhood than weapon the meet -- when the meteor came in in russia. >> that's interesting. everything's moving at once. how fast was this thing going? >> the top seat speed was
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33,000 miles an hour. it weighed 10 tons. that's the reason you had dramatic pictures of this object. now you have an object hurdling at 33,000 miles an hour. it hits the earth's atmosphere and analogous to a high diver making a belly flop into a swimming pool. imagine that swimmer going 33,000 miles an hour hitting that wall of water. the same with the meteor. now it's decelerating, the speed is getting less. the energy has to go somewhere, so it goes into two primary places. it goes into heating up the column of air around the object, the bright streak you saw. it's hot around the meteor. the other is in a shock wave with a sonic boom people heard and the wave of shock through the atmosphere that blew out all
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those windows. that's what happened even before the objects went from being meteors and hitting the ground and became meteorites. >> you talk about that explosion and we showed people the concussion that the -- the force of that, throwing people back who were at the windows. why did it explode? >> normally most meteors that come in are not metallic, they're stony, so they wouldn't be totally stable coming into the earth's atmosphere so you transmit a huge amount of energy. this thing couldn't hang together and fell apart in the atmosphere, releasing all that energy. it's interesting to note on february 12, 1947, a very similar event happened in russia and in fact if there are stamp collectors, look at the stamps from russia from 1957, to commemorate that event.
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that postage stamp looks almost exactly like, from that painting, from that image from this morning. >> and we have an image from one of the former impacts in russia on our screen. it was an earlier one. before i let you go, you mentioned the date on that one in the '40s was february 12. it's the 15th. you scientists tell us it's just a coincidence but is it the love of valentine's day? [ laughter ] cupid had nothing to do with it honestly. it's just a coincidence. >> all right. all around the day of love. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. this just in. the first reported lawsuit filed after five miss airplane days at sheet. one was forced to wade through human feces from overflowing
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toilets. the 4,000 plus cruise passengers and crew are back on dry land. i would kiss the earth too after their trip from hell with no electricity and deteriorating conditions described in the lawsuit. they're talking about a gross scene on the crippled ship. few working bathrooms, leaking sewage, stifling heat, little ventilation and long lines for food. many were upset, others took it in stride. >> it was awful, smelling the urine and seeing the feces. >> we had to poop in the bag, use the restroom in a bag. the toilet system wasn't working. crew was good. >> it sucked. i never want to go through that again but all the workers were so nice. >> we did have food and water and took showers. we were just limited on not
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having a full ship with electricity or full ship with running water all the time. >> can't wait for the triumph to come out of dry dock. we'll go right back. >> others said they wouldn't get on anytime soon. stepping off the filthy triumph was not the end. a bus carrying people from mobile, alabama to new orleans broke down on the way. what more could happen to them? jonathan has more from mobile. what's going on today with the ship? >> hi, harris. some exciting developments, the backdrop i had yesterday is gone. the ship was towed to a nearby shipyard on mobile bay, whering it undergo repairs and also get a thorough leaning and and the b continues to investigate the cause of the engine room fire that brought about the loss of power on the high assess.
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carnival officials say the triumph will remain out of service through april. >> what else are you hearing from passengers? >> most of them are happy to be off the ship. now, one question i asked them is whether they planned to go on a cruise again. there is a standing offer and in addition to refunding what they paid for this particular cruise, carnival is offering credit toward a future cruise for the passengers involved. whether or not they take them up on this offer depends on who you talk to. listen. >> absolutely not. never again in my life will i go on a cruise. >> a bottle of wine and pizza, tomorrow night at home. with the wife. >> i would go tomorrow. you fall off a bike cycling, you don't never ride it. you fall off a horse, you do it. you have an automobile accident, you still drive a car. >> last night carnival chartered 100 buses and 20 aircraft to bring people from here in mobile
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to their home port. the port they left from in galveston, texas. >> boy, that guy wants wine and a pizza. maybe he already started on that. he seems eager to go back on the ship. good to see you. thank you. what happens when the passengers take the cruise line to court? it could happen. we've seen one lawsuit this hour. getting any more money from the company could be difficult. we'll take a look at the legal side of this story coming up now that one suit has been filed. plus, all kinds of stuff going on overhead. first a meteorite, then as troid. must be friday. we'll get the latest from nasa. in ameri today we're running out of a vital resource we need
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carnival cruise lines promise today reimburse passengers for the trip and transportation home. also credit for future cruise. plus $500. at least one passenger on the disabled horrible trip from hell
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has already filed suit over the conditions claiming she suffered physical and emotional harm during her time on the triumph. a number of miami based attorneys have firms and they've received, quote, inquires from passengers. joining us, two attorneys. thank you. >> the stories are plentiful about the nightmare people suffered onboard the triumph. if you are representing the cruise line, what's your defense against lawsuits? >> when you take a cruise and you're hundreds of miles in the middle of the ocean, things can happen. this is not without risk. carnival reimbursed them, paid for expenses, paid for the money they spent on there. got them home, paid for their hotel and gave them an extra 500. that was the most they could do. you cannot say you're going to get on a ship and nothing will
12:20 pm
happen. a plane can crash. it's an inherent risk. they tried to make it up to them. nobody died, nobody had serious injuries. one person was airlifted with dialysis. it was horrible, yes. >> they should hire you. you're a tough argument. anna, you're a passenger, you just got off and you want to sue. who has a good case and who doesn't? >> the passengers have a good case. look, cruise ships owe a duty of care to passengers to keep them safe. can you imagine these passengers are paying for a vacation, a relaxing, nice, safe trip and get five days, no food, no electricity, sleeping on floors and mattresses covered in feces? i think what's critical is there are reports at least that this cruise liner had noticed there could have been problems with the particular fire. and to offer them $500 and a
12:21 pm
discount on another cruise? really? do you think these passengers are ever going to go on another cruise? >> i know some passengers are possibly watching and i want to say one thing, they did have food. at one point they talked about rationing it. what are things carnival should not do or say? >> they should focus on getting everybody home. make sure everybody's taken care of. if anybody suffered an actual physical injury more than what they're doing, maybe on an individual basis that can be looked at. that's what carnival needs to do, next the situation and maybe retire the ship. again, it is with risk. there can be a storm, rogue waves. anything can happen. you can't expect guaranteed safety. i can't guarantee i won't get on the highway and i'm guaranteed safety. it's a risk. >> you know, you talk about how liable or liable not carnival
12:22 pm
is. they did sign something, these people. what does it say? >> they did sign something waving some liability but the cruise -- they didn't pay a lot of money for the cruise. you want a bargain but all the securities you have to pay for with a high-priced cruise. >> anna, because we're going to run out of time, i want to give you a chance. she's laying out and interesting case. i don't know if they didn't pay a lot per ticket. $50 might be a lot for the experience they just had. you've looked into the history of. this what is the first thing that people need to do if they want to sue? what should they do right now? >> i disagree first off with your guest that a cruise ship can absolve themself from liability by having passengers sign a 15 page contract. that's a contract of adhesion. i don't see any course enforcing those clauses.
12:23 pm
the passengers, if they've been damaged, which many feared for their lives, should consult with an attorney and try to be compensated said for the harm. it's irrelevant how much they paid. the cruise ship is responsible to keep passengers in their custody and control safe. >> all right, thank you so very much for joining us today. we'll see what happens as the lawsuits have already begun as we mentioned. from congressman to felony. jesse jackson junior, copping a plea on corruption charges. we're getting details in and up. h ] i took something for my sinus, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is! [ angry gibberish ]
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fox urgent. new details on the corruption charges against jess jackson
12:27 pm
junior. prosecutors were expected to file paperwork about the plea deal 20 minutes ago. it hasn't happened yet but when it's filed, jackson will plead guilty to several charge including conspiracy and fraud. prosecutors said he legally spent $750,000 of campaign contribution to say live a lavish lifestyle, home renovations, fur coats and a rolex watch. jackson junior resigned his seat as an illinois congressman after reelection in november. prior to the election he took a six month leave of absence. he was undergoing intensive treatment for by polar disorder. it's breaking details. molly, what kind of punishment could he face? >> we believe several years in prison, a fine, repayment of the illegally spent money. it's up to the judge to decide and we're waiting to see what the paperwork says, what the
12:28 pm
plea deal says that jesse jackson junior agreed to. what punishment he agreed to and what the judge does about it. the former congressman will be in washington next week for his first court appearance. he wasn't there today, he didn't have to be. his family will be with him. we don't know in that means his father will be there as well. the younger jesse jackson is depressed and brokenhearted and trying to figure out how to go forward and provide for his family. >> i mentioned his wife is also accused of spending that huge bundle of cash. she's in legal trouble too, right? >> yes, sandy jackson has stepped down from her position on the chicago city council, caught up in the investigation as well. prosecutors have been trying to get her to sign a plea deal today, we're told. sandy jackson is expected of using campaign funds it from her husband's previous campaigns illegally to purchase furs, go
12:29 pm
on fitness retreats and purchase luxury items. the couple has two school-aged children. >> thank you very much on the breaking details. a new view of that asteroid making a close pass by our planet. new video from nasa. >> a olympic hero turned accused killer. the so-called blade runner. look at him, head in his hands, breaking down in court. prosecutors accused him of premeditated murder. shooting his girlfriend dead. the story coming up. lobsterfest is the king of all promotions. there's nothing like our grilled lobster and lobster tacos. the bar harbor bake is really worth trying. [ male announcer ] get more during red lobster's lobsterfest. with the year's largest selection of mouth-watering bster entrees. ke our delicus lobster lover's dream, featuring two kinds of succulent lobster tails. or our savory, new grilled maine lobster and bster tacos. it's back, but not for long. [ woman ] our guests go crazy for lobsterfest.
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i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith. this is "studio b." scientists say it could be the closest call the earth has had with an asteroid. it happened a little less than an hour ago. this is new video from nasa's telescope. impressive. apparently that's the asteroid. the white streak is it. a chunk of space rock the size of half a football field zooming by the planet, 17,000 miles above the earth. nothing in the grand scheme of our universe. so close, it threaded the needle between earth and weather satellites. in a comic coincidence it happened the same day the meteor exploded over russia injuring a
12:34 pm
thousand people, including hundreds of children. officials with nasa say those events had nothing to do with each other. phil keating with the news in south florida. people will express doubts about that. >> undoubtedly. conspiracy theories were abundant. astronomers, amateurs in spain just a year ago discovered the asteroid. too small to be scene with the naked eye but astronomers in asia and indonesia where the close call happened had the best view. this view is from australia, whiching, thanks to nighttime, had the best shot. the nasa website which followed the approach clearly shows about 24,000 miles away and getting further.
12:35 pm
>> this asteroid's about half a football field long, roughly the size of a 12 story building like this. >> that size caused the 1908 event in russia that damaged -- floors were flattened hundreds of miles and 50 years ago one created a crater in arizona, the dime meter about a mile wide. the impact, scientists say, was most likely a like a 20 megaton nuclear bomb. had an asteroid this size hit a city, it likely would have been wiped out. >> hence all the movies. none of those real, thankfully. any reports of wiping out satellites? we watched megyn and she said let me know if i go off the air. >> that was really the greatest threat, to the satellite. two times today and the second
12:36 pm
passing about ten minutes as, the a14 penetrated the ring of sal lights. so far, no reported inspace collisions between the satellite and the asteroid. 22,000 miles above us is where the satellites orbit. the best thing, our knowledge about future asteroids. >> we've seen and tracked about 9,000 of them. about a thousand are them are potentially hazardous. it turns out we're safe from those for many hundreds of years. >> but the likelihood that an asteroid will reimpact earth, because it's happened before and if you see pictures of the moon and other planets, they're pockmarked with space dd evidence of impacts. it'sen an astroid blamed for the extinction that a long time ago killed off the dinosaurs. >> you are a font of information
12:37 pm
today. phil, thank you very much. the history making sprinter oscar pistorius wept open will ily in court. prosecutors charged him with murdering his model girlfriend. attorneys said they planned to argue he committed premeditated murder, the most serious crime in south african law. a court would only grant bail under exceptional circumstances. he said the 30-year-old girlfriend turned up dead in his home yesterday. four bullet wounds to her body. oscar pistorius apparently shot her through the bathroom door. she was a law school graduate, a model and reality tv star known at riva and her boyfriend, the first double amputee to compete in the olympics. fans called him the blade runner. as the legal case unfolds, a
12:38 pm
nike ad has vanished from the athlete's website. it reads, i am the bullet in the chamber. nike announced it would not decide whether to end response ship until the investigation is over. joining us, jim gray. he interviewed oscar pistorius in london for the olympics and that's why we're having you on. good to see you. you spent time with him. can you answer the question people are asking, who is he? >> well, it's impossible. it was a snapshot of his life three or four minutes. he was courteous, excited he had competed. he called at the highlight of his life and a moment he felt would inspire others in a similar circumstance or those who don't have all their extremities or disabled in some way, that he would be guy everybody would look to as the guy who did this. as far as his personality and
12:39 pm
knowing him, i did not know him at all. it was a snapshot of his life, like any of us who interview anybody for a moment. >> he's on the olympic team. he would have had teammates and people who knew him. you've interviewed so many athletes. any idea of what his relationships were with others on the team? >> everybody seemed to add meyer meyer -- admire and respect him. he got along well and had no issues in the forefront, none that came to my attention or any that i had read about at the time of the olympics. he had been trying to do this for some time and had been an athlete, denied in beijing and coming back, after the appeal was overturned. i never heard athletes having trouble with him at all. >> you put it beautifully. it's just a snapshot any of us ever gets of another person, even when we spend a lot of time with them. reports are surfacings that
12:40 pm
oscar pistorius had arrest for assault in 2009 where he reportedly slammed a door on a woman. he spent the nice in custom can i and charges were dropped. is there a side prosecutors are focusing on we don't know about? >> i'm sure there is. it's coming further to light now. in so many instances, we learn about these things or learn more about them after there's something to the degree like this. maybe not to the degree of murder or somebody else dying, but we learn of people off the field exploits and a lot get reported, a lot don't. he's now an international star, he's a figure that everybody who has come to the television sets to watch the olympics, however many billion worldwide, know who he is. at the end of his race, the 400 meters, one of the iconic
12:41 pm
shots was when a man named james from grenada exchanged his bib with pistorius. it was one of those moments for everybody in the stadium and everybody watching on television would never forget. it would become one of the iconic scenes and things people keep in they're memory of the olympics. it takes on a different meaning now. certainly everybody was aware of him, so these things come to light and it's going to get a brighter spotlight and we're going to learn more. >> it's interesting too because with nike and this ad, you'll have to see how long they stick with him. they say throughout the police investigation but as you talk about his iconic nature. that's what they were banking on. good to have you. thank you for your time. >> thank you, harris. it is confirmed, the charred body in the burned out cabin in california in the mountains was indeed the program former
12:42 pm
officer christopher dorner. but the investigation is far from over. detectives have not revealed yet how he died. remember, the former policeman had holed himself up in the cabin on tuesday amid shootouts with sheriff's deputies. after they fired intense tear gas with the home with dorner inside, the place went up in flames. dorner targeted the police force after his bosses fired him and they've linked him to the deaths of four people. adam housley is live outside. just to the left that have cabin. what's going on at the cabin today? >> you mentioned that they did say it was christopher dorner. they used dental records. we expect a longer report to explain about how he died. i'm going to step away. this is a a live look at the cabin, the the site of the firefighter where dorner met his demise and he shot two police officers, killing one.
12:43 pm
the family who owns the cabins has come here to tour and see. they have an insurance adjuster and restoration company. we ran across rick helderbrick, the man who was carjacked. he came by to see it for the first time. here's what he had to say about christopher dorner. >> he had a ballistic vest with pockets in the front that could have been smoke bombs or hand grenades or magazines for his rifle. >> reporter: once again, we expect to get a longer report in the coming weeks about how he died. authorities heard one gunshot and believe he shot himself in the basement. when you get close you can see the evidence tags still inside. >> adam housley. thank you very much. most analysts in washington say chuck hagel will be the next secretary of defense. before that happens, republicans on capitol hill are going to give him some grieve.
12:44 pm
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the white house accusing republicans of playing politics at the ex pension of national security after g.o.p. lawmakers blocked chuck hagel confirm nation for secretary of defense. the nomination will be taken up later this month. republicans want more answers about the terror attack in libya. joining us, chris wallace live in washington. good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> what is next politically behind the scenes? first for the democrats. >> well, the democrats have to make as big a deal about this as possible, you gave their talking point, which is that republicans are playing politics with national security.
12:48 pm
the first time in the history of the country there's been a clotter vote on the secretary of defense. there's been a filibuster of the secretary of defense nominee. the republicans view it as leverage. they want information, some on hagel, some also about a lot of unanswered questions about the benghazi terror attack and see this as leverage to get information. they're on recess the next week and hope the white house will provide that information. they don't want to block the nomination and probably won't but they hope by the time they come back a week from tuesday, into they'll have the information and let the nomination sail through. >> democrats on their talking point list, as leon panetta won't be manning the ship and the country will be without a defense secretary. that's not true. >> no, that isn't true. the white house pulled back on that. maybe they were going to do that but that wasn't a good idea. he's not happy about it. leon panetta, who thought he
12:49 pm
would get on plane the end of this week and fly back to the monterey peninsula in california, instead will stay on the job and go overseas to a secretary defense minister meeting in europe. so another week on the job. he compared it to groundhog day. >> chris, would you stick with me for breaking news? i want to get your perspective. we're looking now -- i think you can see it there at our d.c. bureau, that's where the president will make remarks at hyde park academy. he's expected to talk about gun violence and push hard on his initiatives for tougher legislation on guns. chicago is an interesting place to do that. it's got some of the toughest gun laws in the country, yet the murder rate and viciousness in terms of violent crime leads the nation in some categories.
12:50 pm
>> absolutely. the murders, i don't know the exact numbers, over 600 last year. and the mayor, in fact the former white house chief of staff, mitt rahm emanuel declarr on the gangs. there are tough gun laws but with gangs and hardened criminals, they'll find ways to get guns. state across the border have weaker gun laws. i don't know that that necessarily says gun laws don't work because gangs get guns somewhere. no matter the laws, if you're a hardened criminal you're going to find a gun. the president says there are limits to what any gun control election will accomplish. >> we're expecting the president to talk about education in his initiatives where that's concerned. chris wallace, thank you. that is hyde park in chicago. if you want to watch the
12:51 pm
president we'll stream it live on we'll see you sunday. you can watch chris this sunday on fox news sunday. he sits down with lindsey graham to talk about the resistance to chuck hagel and plus, rand paul on his tea party response to the state of the union address. i watched it. it was at the national press club after the state of the union. check your local listings and catch chris on sunday. >> a former big city mayor talking about a serious gambling past, spending not just millions but billions. now she's accused of misusing money from her late husband's charity on video poker games. why she may be able to escape a prison sentence. so delicious? because every flake is double-toasted... splashed with sweet honey... and covered in rich double-roasted peanuts. mmm. [ hero ] yummy.
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a former mayor of san diego just revealed a major gambling habit involving more than a billion dollars. prosecutor said it left her late husband's charity bankrupt. it's she's maureen o'connor, mayor from 1986 to '92, her lawyer confirmed over nearly a decade she hit up video poker machines and casinos coast to coast wagering more than $1 billion. prosecutors could you say her of misusing $2 million from the charity in the process and here's how the former mayor responded to it all yesterday. >> i always intended to pay it back. and i still intend to pay it back. >> she says she had a brain tumor and it may have affected her judgment. william, the former mayor is likely escaping a long prison term, right? >> in one of the sweetest deals
12:56 pm
you'll hear for an admitted thief to took fund from a charity. the u.s. attorney says maureen owe coner doesn't have to spend a day in jail provided she undergo counseling and try to pay the debt. she has no income or bank account but they defend the plea deal. >> she had a severe medical condition that would make it difficult, if not impossible to bring the case to court. >> doctors removed the tumor about two years ago which affected her memory and judgment. >> how much money did she have and how did she lose it? >> at one point she was worth $50 million thanks to her marriage to the man who founded jack in the box. she was born and raced in san diego and increased the inheritance to more that will a billion dollars thanks to video
12:57 pm
poker in vegas and indian casinos. >> it would be correct to say she gambled the fortune away. some of it was stolen and the rest was lost in real estate transactions. >> most of you that know me here would know that i never meant to hurt anyone. >> so o'connor can repay the $2 million, though there's no reason to believe she can. the u.s. attorney says they'll dismiss all charges instead of ten years in. >> a new battle on facebook's privacy policies. and the social knerr networking giant came out on top. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news
12:58 pm
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